Exchange rates today: Pound begins to rise to the euro and to the U.S.

The exchange rates today - the pound is still in the green zone

In brief: Rate British pound remained under pressure from the euro and the dollar stabilize. Pound is rising against the yen.

Foreign exchange rates puts pressure on the pound in Britain today. GBP remains in the green zone, but grows slowly. Pound suffered a small wave of sales during Friday’s trading after reaching the monthly maximum, but the movement has not found continue. Meanwhile, published reports were more optimistic than we expected.

Despite the weak performance of the money supply M4 lending data trends published by the Central Bank of England showed that activity in this sector remain: the net mortgage lending was STG2, 1 billion against STG1, 1 billion in April. In addition, the UK budget deficit in May was less than economists forecast, as economic growth increased tax revenues. The deficit amounted stg16 billion ($ 23.8 billion) against stg17, 4 billion a year ago. This week Osborne is likely to announce the maximum cuts in budgetary expenditures, at least since 1970 to reduce the budget deficit stood at last year’s 11% of GDP. This may put pressure on the British currency. It is also interesting to look at the record of the last MPC meeting, at a rate which is scheduled for Wednesday.

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2010-06-21 11:13, Currency news.

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