U.S. stocks: Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq are flagships today

Trading at the U.S. stock market started with a record growth for the DJIA and the Nasdaq

In brief: Opening of the U.S. stock market: the session began with a significant increase for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq.

Dow is much stronger, than it seems… Today’s trading at the stock markets of the United States began with a significant increase of stock indices. The Dow opened with a gap of 0,94%, S & P 500 added 0,89%, Nasdaq rose by 1.27%. Dow Jones Industrial Average is already at around 10,551.84 points (0.97%) at one time. The overwhelming majority of securities included in the Top-30 also opened the session steady growth. The exceptions were the shares of Exxon Mobil, a bit prosevshie on a report that analysts Benchmark lowered forecast earnings per share of the company.

In turn, the leaders of the growth of publicly traded securities were aluminum producer Alcoa and heavy construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, risen in price by 2,9%. A significant number of shares included in the Dow also looked noticeably better than the market. Thus, the capitalization of 3M rose by 1,5%, Amer express – on 1,8%, Chevron – by 1,7%, Cisco Systems – by 1,7%, DuPont – by 1,1%, GE – 1, 7%, JPmorgan Chase – by 1,1%, Merck & co – on 1,2%, Microsoft – by 1,2%, Walt Disney – by 1,3%. The Dow rose by 1%, S & P 500 and Nasdaq – for 0,95%. A pair of Euro-dollar was trading at this time with a decrease by 0,1% to $ 1.237 per euro. Futures Brent crude went up by 1.71% to $ 79.56 a barrel, a mixture of WTI – by 1,9% to $ 78.65 a barrel. Today the U.S. is not expected to release macroeconomic statistics and corporate reports, so investors can fully play a positive, prevailing in all major global markets.

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2010-06-21 17:20, Economics.

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