European Union celebrates first day of Treaty of Lisbon

Main details of the Lisbon Treaty

In brief: The Lisbon Treaty entered into force this Tuesday.

After years of political uncertainty the Treaty of Lisbon signed by EU leaders in December 2007 is finally in force. The treaty is said to cut the number of national vetoes, mainly in the area of internal affairs and justice, and to increase powers of the European Court of Justice, MEPs and the Commission. It also creates the position of EU President and foreign minister. Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Catherine Ashton who have been appointed to the posts joined other EU officials on celebrations in Lisbon.

Former Belgian Prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, has rejected British government arguments that Treaty of Lisbon is less important than for example Maastricht treaty signed in 1992 giving the EU its name. He has said that with the Treaty of Lisbon Europe is going forward to the whole political union.

The “battle” against the treaty have been lasting for nine years including referendum rejections in France, the Netherlands and Ireland last year, so EU officials are glad to have arguments about theTreaty of Lisbon finally over.

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2009-12-02 12:27, Society.

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