Dow Jones Industrial Average is losing ground in early trading

Dow Jones Industrial Average has not justified forecasts

In brief: Red Zone called Dow Jones Industrial Average and bulls retreating. Bearish trend is becoming stronger.

The level of support for the Dow Jones Industrial Average falls in early trading. Dow Jones Industrial is located at around 10,290.10 points. Forecast market analysts were as follows: today’s trading on the major U.S. markets will open in the green territory. Futures on the Dow rose to 0,43%, S & P 500 – on 0,46%, Nasdaq – on 0,45%. Today will be released quite a lot of important news, but their publication will take place after the opening session.

Later will be released statistics on the May sales of new buildings, data on the weekly oil and petroleum products from U.S. Department of Energy. Analysts expected a marked deterioration in both indices. Much later we will know the U.S. Federal Reserve decision on the level of discount rate. Traditionally, investors are confident that the rate will remain at the same level, but the comments of representatives of the Federal Reserve is expected with great excitement. Among the papers that make up the Top 30 most significant dynamics on premarkete demonstrated equities 3M and DuPont, which decrease was 1,8% and 2,4% respectively. The euro-dollar was trading with an increase of 0.05% to $ 1,227 per euro. Crude oil futures for Brent crude dropped 0.45% to $ 77.69 a barrel, a mixture of WTI – on 0,53% to $ 77.44 a barrel.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-23 13:55, Economics.

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