Dow Jones Industrial Average suffers in the red zone

Support from the bulls did not save Dow Jones Industrial Average from the problems

In brief: Bulls on the Dow Jones Industrial Average are trying to see the support in the new statistics, but the stock market continues to go into the red zone.

Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 10,270.25 points. Losses Dow index was -23.27 points (-0.23%) since the beginning of trading today. Despite the fact that during the whole day futures on indexes held at a moderate increase in the green zone was opened only index Dow. At the same time all the major U.S. index opened almost at the levels of yesterday’s close.

The Dow rose by 0.05% to 10,298.89 points while the indices S & P 500 and Nasdaq opened in a minus on 0,03% and 0,003% respectively at around 1095.04 and 2261.74 points. Most of the securities included in the Dow opened the session with a small increase. At the same time the leaders began to increase in bank shares – capitalization JPmorgan Chase and Bank of America increased by 0,6%. Noticeably better than the market looked as shares Boeing, went up by 0,6%, Verizon communications – 0,7%, and McDonalds – on 0,5%. At the same time, the maximum reduction in the first minutes of trading observed in the papers of Caterpillar and Microsoft, reducing the market value of which amounted to 0,8% and 0,6% respectively. Hour ago were published in May, data on sales of new buildings, which were even worse forecasts of analysts already expect a significant reduction indicator. Sales totaled 300,000 in April is expected to fall from 504 to 410 thousand homes. S & P 500 – on 0,6%, Nasdaq – on 0,69%. A pair of euro-dollar has decreased on 0,44% to $ 1.221 per euro. Futures contract on Brent crude fell by 1.87% to $ 76.58 a barrel, a mixture of WTI – on 2,18% to $ 76.15 per barrel. Later become known weekly data on oil and petroleum products from the U.S. Department of Energy, in some hours the U.S. Federal Reserve decision on the level of discount rate. Traditionally, investors are confident that rates will remain at the same level, but representatives of the Fed’s comments are awaited with great anxiety.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-23 15:26, Economics.

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