Dow Jones Industrial continues to fly down today

Bad statistics have led to poor results for the Dow Jones Industrial

In brief: Stock market surprise U.S. buyers sluggish trading. Dow Jones Industrial fell from the very beginning of trading.

Dow Jones Industrial remains in the red zone. Brokers do not take a serious transaction and the level of support for the Dow Jones index drops significantly. Dow index was 10,257.47 points, falling well -36.05 points (-0.35%). Thus, the stock market of the United States by mid trading session demonstrates the dynamics of a bear, stemming from adverse macroeconomic statistics.

Sales of new homes in the U.S. fell in May to 32,7% and amounted to 300 thousand, which was a record low since the beginning of calculations, namely, since 1963. Analysts on average had expected that figure will decrease to 410 thousand, taking into account the expiration of a program of government incentives for the purchase of housing, and a decline in the index as a significant value was the more proof that the market is still dependent on public assistance. It is worth noting that according to the specified data, the number of newly implemented in April amounted to 446 thousand, not 504 thousand, as previously reported. The oil reserves for the past week rose again, though, as the previous week, analysts predicted their demise. Thus, the reserves of “black gold” has increased by 2 million barrels, while the expected decrease of 0.8 million barrels. Investors are about to hear the decision of the Federal Reserve, although the key rate, by most accounts, will remain at the same level, anxiety in the market still exists, since the bidders expect to see in the accompanying report of the controller at least some ideas about further changes in monetary policy.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-23 16:21, Economics.

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