Pensioners are the last hope for Greece

Greek Pensioners will save the economy

In brief: Elderly Greeks will be a new hope for the country's economy. Greece asked seniors for assistance.

Today it is known that the Greek Government has endorsed a draft reform, which includes a reduction of pensions and raising retirement ages. To save the economy, Greece began selling off land and even islands. For external debt is about 300 billion euro.

A typical picture of undress Greece – men are actively discussing the latest news. Previously, these “street clubs” talked about wine and women, now talk for hours about nagryanuvshem home Olympians crisis. Christ Arakitis, pensioner: I can not understand – why are all the crisis it fell to Greece? What are we worse than other countries? And why I, a simple retiree must pay for someone else’s mistakes? From his pension – 700 euros per month – the government wants to cut off the fifth. Nationwide savings of several millions of retirees will sizeable sum. Reduce costs – perhaps the key requirement major creditors – the EU and the IMF. But if the pension restrictions still come into force, Greece can reach new protests – those over 60.

Until now, the main protesters were employees of the public sector – employees, transport workers, teacher. On the reduction of rates and benefits react and doctors – their union is one of the most active. During the stock physicians provide only emergency care.

Christ Deliargilis hospital physician cities Hersonissos (Greece):

While we have not achieved significant results and did not believe very strongly the government. Understand that doctors go on strike not because of good living. But if the order of things is delayed salaries for three months, can not be silent.

The Greek economy was seriously ill – a perennial massive tax evasion, false financial statements to guide the EU, bloated state officials, and life on a grand scale in credit – go on like this ever could. Now Greece is learning to save.

In Greek recipe out of the crisis binding ingredient – a tax increase on general VAT to a variety of charges. One of them – a new tax on private pools. In the hot southern country isk.vodoemy is almost every second household. The Government considered this excessive luxury and taxes levied pools – 200 euros per square meter. The Greeks began to hide their pools. And the tax police – to monitor them from space – using satellites.

The effect already – there were a few thousand pools. Tighten up your socks even had high-level officials. Here’s the mayor of one of their Greek cities recognized – his salary cut for 350 euros.

Georgios Danelakis, Mayor of Hersonissos (Greece):

In addition to reduction in salary, I was forced to withdraw from the service machine. I have become much less dine in the restaurant. We all need to get used to the new frugal life. A strike – this is not an option.

We all hope the mayor – for tourists – they can save their seaside town budget. Holiday-makers are everywhere this season and readily offer discounts. Moreover, while the Germans and the British feared to go to the rebellious Hellas, come to the rescue fearless Slavs.

- We are russian! We are not afraid! We are, by contrast, draws – where rebates, there are Russian.

The farther away from Athens, the smaller rallies. In resort areas there are almost no public sector, as private traders are not on strike once.

Eurydice Vlasi, a resident of the island of Crete:

I’m Greek, but I live in Crete. Crete – the richest island in Greece. We live on their property. Do not wait just wage to live. Our olive trees there, our house is. Of course, something we hear on TV and more because of TV fear than reality.

While Athens preparing for new protests in Crete are ready to collect next harvest.

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2010-06-27 10:11, Economics.

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