The great collapse of the Dow Jones Industrial may turn into the record high

Dow Jones Industrial Average may rise at the end of the trading

In brief: Lull the vigilance of the bears can become a signal for the beginning of a bullish trend on the U.S. stock market.

Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1 to 2.7% in the first hours of trading today, – the analysts say. Today’s session at the major U.S. markets opened a collapse of stock indices, with those who suffered most, index of Nasdaq. His loss at the opening of trading amounted to 1,6% to 2,185.21 points. The Dow and S & P 500 lost by 0,9% to 10,040.21 in the marks and 1,064.29 respectively.

All shares included in the TOP-30 exhibited at the opening session of a sure decline. Worst of all look quotations Alcoa, which was the fall of 2,9%, Caterpillar – 2,6%, DuPont – 2,4%, Intel – 2%. Noticeably worse as the market opened trading in shares Bank of America, who have fallen in price on 1,6%, Boeing – by 1,9%, GE – by 1,9%, JPmorgan Chase – by 1,9%. In turn, the capitalization of Walt Disney fell by only 0.3% on the background of the fact that Goldman Sachs analysts raised their rating to “neutral” to “buy”. At 18:00 Moscow time, was published index of consumer confidence, which proved to be significantly worse than forecast. In June, its value dropped from 63.3 to 52.9 points in expected to fall to 62.8 points. The drop of the Dow was 2,24%, S & P 500 – 2,5%, Nasdaq – 2,9%. A pair of euro-dollar declined by this time to 0,96% to $ 1.216 per euro. Futures contract on Brent crude have fallen by 2,8% to $ 75.42 a barrel, a mixture of WTI – on 3,12% to $ 75.81 a barrel.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-29 15:54, Economics.

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