Dow Jones Industrial is preparing Hang Seng and the entire Asian market for great collapse

DJIA makes Asian markets fall

In brief: Asian stock market collapse in early trading after the greatest decline of the American stock market, when the DJIA fell by 3%.

DJIA reached a record low. Trading on stock exchanges in Asia on Wednesday, June 30, will be demonstrating against falling of quotations on commodity prices, exchange rates, the outcome of trading in the U.S., fears for the future of China as well as data from the States.

it should be recalled, that trading in the U.S. on Tuesday ended in the fall of the stock indices to the minimum marks this year. Negative mood of investors was associated with lower levels of consumer confidence in the U.S. and concerns about the Chinese economy. As a result of trading the index of “blue chips” Dow Jones Industrial Average collapsed 268.22 points or 2.65%, to 9870 points. The index of wide market S & P 500 closed at the fall of 33,33 points or 3.1%, at around 1041 points. “High-tech” Nasdaq Composite closed lower at 85.47 points or 3.85% at around 2135 points. Cause of great concern to the players of the Chinese authorities. Efforts by the Chinese authorities to curb the risks of a sharp surge in debt local governments can affect the growth of the third economy in the world, according to investment bank China International Capital Corp. Prospects for the U.S. economy is also a concern. Financial market conditions became less favorable for economic growth, though inflation remains restrained, said Monday the Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA, Kevin Worsh, speaking in Atlanta. Worsh called on the U.S. central bank caution on further increase the already huge balance. The balance of the Fed has doubled during the financial crisis, and the assets held by the bank, last week was more than $ 2.3 trillion. The price of oil fell sharply on Tuesday due to lower levels of consumer confidence in the U.S. and fears of cooling China’s economy. The August futures for delivery of petroleum of mark WTI have fallen by 3% to $ 75.94 per barrel. Futures for the supply of natural gas became cheaper by 3.9% to $ 4.54 per million British thermal units.

Gold prices rose on Tuesday amid falling levels of consumer confidence in the U.S., as well as falling U.S. stock market and oil market. As a result of the regular trading session on the New York Mercantile Exchange, NYMEX, the August futures for gold delivery have increased by 0,3% to $ 1,242.40 per troy ounce. The July futures for the supply of silver fell 0.4% to $ 18.59 per ounce. The July The September palladium prices have fallen by 3.8% to $ 454.40 an ounce. The July futures for delivery of copper fell 5.1% to $ 2.91 per pound.

On Tuesday, the indices on the Chinese stock market fell to its lowest level in 14 months. Including composite index of Shanghai Stock Exchange fell by 4.27% to 2,427.05 points, the component index fell by 5.03% – to 9508.91 points. At the time of closing Hang Seng index in Hong Kong Stock Exchange amounted to 20,248 points, down 477 points, or 2.31% compared with the previous trading session. Index of shares in public enterprises inland areas of China, listed on the Stock Exchange amounted at the close of trading 11,536 points, down 320 points, or 2.7% compared with the figure the previous trading day.

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2010-06-29 22:54, Economics.

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