Exchange rate euro to dollar weakens

Volatile euro gives new opportunities for growth of dollar

In brief: Dollar exchange rate begins to rise against the weakening euro today. The level of support the U.S. currency was too high.

The dollar trend has swept the world money market. Currency exchange rates today are becoming increasingly Americanization, despite the statements about the need of non-currency-seekers.

Euro / dollar remains at the mercy of the negative dynamics. Bid of 1.2245/50 absorbed. Stops are located below the 1.2240. Current euro / dollar 1.2243. According to currency analysts, Commerzbank, in the case of continued downward momentum break below the key level 1.2145 will pave the way for further decline to a recent minimum of 1.1875. The resumption of positive momentum is expected to rise to a pair of 1.2445/90.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-30 13:28, Currency news.

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