DJIA is falling rapidly, but could rise closely to the end of trading

DJIA index keeps falling

In brief: DJIA index is falling rapidly after the moderate increase. Investors hope for better.

During the main part of pre-auction session futures on Dow Jones Industrial Average along with the other US indexes were conducted in a moderate increase. However, closer to the beginning of the trading they have significantly lost their ground, bargaining at the levels of closure.

At that time futures on the DJIA traded with an increase of 0,06%, S&P 500 – of 0,04%, Nasdaq – of 0,01%. At the same time a significant number of shares from the TOP-30 on pre-market greatly declined. For example, DuPont shares fell 2,7%, Walt Disney – on 2,8%, Travelers Comp – on 1,7%, Merck&co – on 1,4%, McDonalds – on 1,3%.

Olga Bespalova
2010-06-30 15:59, Economics.

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