The DJIA: bears and bulls begin freefight

Most stocks and the DJIA opened today with mixed dynamics

In brief: The DJIA opened today's session with a small decrease in stock indexes. It opened at a minus on 0,16% to 9,854.86 points

Today’s session at the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other leading U.S. markets opened with a small decrease in stock indexes. The DJIA opened at a minus of 0,16% to 9,854.86 points, the S&P 500 lost 0.06% to 1,040.57 points, Nasdaq Composite Index dropped to 0.12% to 2,132.58 points.

Most stocks from the Dow Jones index opened the session with mixed dynamics. The maximum decrease was registered in the papers of Merck&co, which lost 1.1% of the cost, and Travelers Comp – 0,9%. In addition, the shares of companies from high-tech sector looked noticeably worse market. Capitalization of Hewlett-Packard fell to 0,9%, Cisco Systems – by 0,5%, Intel – by 0,6%. On the contrary, the shares of financial and banking sector looked better market. Citigroup securities became the leader of growth among the most liquid shares, by growing to 2,4%. In turn, Bank of America and JPmorgan Chase shares from the DJIA index rose 0,7% and 0,5% respectively. A few minutes after the beginning of the session the Chicago business index have been published, revealing value that appeared to be a little better than predicted. In June the index stood at 59.1 points at the expected 59 and last value of 59.7 points. At 18:00 Moscow time, the Dow Jones index increased by 0,06%, S&P 500 – on 0,23%, Nasdaq – for 0,46%. Euro-dollar pair has grown by 0.57% to $ 1.226 per euro.

Olga Bespalova
2010-06-30 17:01, Economics.

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