Currency exchange rates today: threat of collapse for the euro

Currency exchange rates today - euro ranges, the pound is growing, the dollar stabilizes

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: euro remains unstable against the threat of defaults in the countries of the Eurozone. Exchange rate pounds increases.

Currency exchange remains unstable and prone to a large number of small and large risks. The level of support remains high only for the pound. The exchange rate euro fluctuates within 3%. Single European currency was little opportunity to catch his breath, and partly to adjust their positions relative to the U.S. dollar. Since the early trading session, market participants recorded gains on short evrovym positions, thereby strengthening euro.

Support for the euro have also been reported that the European Central Bank provided a three-month loans amounting to slightly less than 132 billion euros. Given the fact that investors are expected to provide loans worth 250 billion euros, a positive impact on the quotations of the single currency. Thus, by the middle of the day the euro / dollar rose to the level of 1.23, up from 1.2190. But surely hold on to the environment the British pound since the beginning of trading lost much of its positions. The main attack on the pound fell after the publication of the index of house prices from Nat’wide, which grew by only 0.1% after rising 0.5% last month. Shopping pair euro / pound to reach historic lows also had a great influence on the British currency, provoking the fall of a pair of pound / dollar below 1.50. In the future, with the start of trading in New York, the situation has almost returned to normal. Output data from the U.S., as well as new reports from rating agencies again simmered fervor players acquire higher-yielding currencies. Data on employment in the United States from ADP disappointed market participants as well as growth of workers amounted to only 13,000, while expected to grow by 60 thousand. However, Moody’s reported that the sovereign credit rating of AAA Spain was placed on the list for possible revision. Against this backdrop, the euro / dollar fell below 1.2250, the pair Pound / dollar fell to 1.4950. It is worth noting that the pair U.S. dollar / Japanese on Wednesday traded in a range not exceeding 50 points, and by the end of the day lost only about 10 points.

Euro forecast for on Thursday, July 1, 2010

Despite yesterday’s increase in the single European currency, the general mood in the market remained negative. Investors are concerned about the prospects for growth in economic activity in the U.S. and China, resulting in pressure on high-risk assets will continue. On Thursday and the U.S. dollar and yen continue to strengthen, so the expected fall pair euro / dollar in the 1.2140-60 area. The British pound is at its support, and penetration down 1.4920 mark, may lead to a drop in a pair of pound / dollar 1.4860 area.

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