Currency exchange rates forecast: U.S. dollar exchange rate may be reduced significantly

Currency exchange rates forecast - the collapse of the dollar exchange rate to analysts HSBC

In brief: Forecast exchange rate remains volatile for the dollar. The level of support for the U.S. currency declines against the general negative trend of the U.S. economy.

Dollar is not so strong as it seems. Currency exchange rate forecast for the dollar is negative. Many investors often view the dollar as a currency of refuge, however, as analysts say HSBC, currently there is a change that trend.

Through a series of disappointing data on the U.S. market focused on the possible weakening of the state’s economy. The dollar index ICE, which is determined by the position of the dollar against a weighted basket of currencies, set an intraday least at today’s weak performance. Currently, the index is 84,834 after 86,031 on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, the euro / dollar set an intraday high, having risen during the day to more than 1.9% to 1.2461 from 1.2238 up to the medium.

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2010-07-01 15:36, Currency news.

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