Currency exchange rates today: euro is rising, dollar is afraid of the collapse, pound falls

Currency exchange rates today: euro weighs dollar and pound

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: Euro starts to grow with renewed strength, the dollar remains stable, pound falls.

Contrary to common sense, the single European currency is increasing in the forex market. At the same time investors ignore the external background, the pessimism on the stock markets and a serious drawdown of oil. Euro is worth 1.2386 against the level of the start of today’s session at 1.2236. Supports informatio for the euro currency is the next – ECB concluded on Thursday a three-month distribution of loans between banks, apply – in total, allocated 131.9 billion euros at the fact that analysts had expected the volume to 200 billion euro.

Before we wrote that it was positive for the euro area economy and said that the picture there is not so gloomy. Credits allocated under 1% per annum, all applications were filed by 171 bank in Europe. The exact list of the ECB does not provide for obvious reasons – no need to once again spook markets. Today’s batch of data is not pleased with fans of the dollar: the number of applications for initial unemployment benefits rose last week by 13 thousand to 472 thousand, while the projected decline of 2 thousand to 455 thousand according to U.S. Department of Labor number of continuing to receive unemployment benefit Americans for the week ended June 19 increased by 43 thousand – up to 4.61 million people. Experts forecast an increase of 2 thousand Thus, the opinion of the market that the rate of recovery of the U.S. economy falling, it is quite logical. Pair EUR / USD today is unlikely to go beyond the range of 1.2240-1.2500.

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2010-07-01 17:49, Currency news.

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  1. Frank Says:

    The Euro is on the way to a modest recovery , The Euro will gain approx 6 to 7 % against the SA rand after the worldcup.THe Rand is over valued for sometime now .
    Frank ,Botswana

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