Currency exchange rates today: dollar becomes weaker as euro hinders bearish attack

Currency exchange rates today - Euro feels the bullish trend against the dollar

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: euro continues to put pressure on the dollar, but the exchange rate remains at the same USD Educastional level of support.

Currency exchange rates remain volatile today. USD exchange rate decreases slightly. Today during the European session, the euro to dollar is behaving very calmly and showed no reaction at all published slightly earlier data on the index PMI.

Ofer in the pair remain in the area of $ 1.2565 and extend up to $ 1.2600, but still their testing seems unlikely. According to dealers, sales associated with repatratsionnymi flows in large redemptions German government bonds, which can put pressure on the European currency later in the current session. Bida in a pair are concentrated near the level of $ 1.2500. Now the euro / dollar traded at $ 1.2530.

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2010-07-05 09:54, Currency news.

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