Avoiding bankruptcy, The Finance and Credit bank has received $ 11 million

The Finance and Credit bank hopes for salvation

In brief: The Finance and Credit bank raised a subordinated debt of $ 11 million, despite the threat of bankruptcy.

Another Ukrainian bank – Finance and Credit, that is in a difficult economic situation, managed to survive partly by foreign capital. One of the largest banks in Ukraine, “Finance and Credit” is trying to avoid the terrible fate of Nadra Bank.

The Finance and Credit Bank, owned by Konstantin Zhevago was able to conclude a contract for the provision of subsidized credit of $ 11 million, despite the fact that the total debts of the bank’s syndicated loan exceeds $ 40 million of Bank Finance and Credit is also owed to the state of $ 25 million hryvnia. “Finance and Credit” reported involvement with a British company Bloomshine Ltd $ 11 million under the subordinated debt, – reports Prokuratura.org.ua.

Meanwhile, the bank continues aggressive promotional campaign. The entire city of Kiev is filled up with billboards, leaflets and promotional pens with the bank merchandise.

According to the bank, the funds involved in the program to increase the level of capitalization of the bank for 7 years. From the beginning, the Bank Finance and Credit “has attracted funds in the amount of $ 63.5 million under the subordinated debt.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-05 13:29, Economics.

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