Dow Jones Industrial is ready for great rally, but the threat of crumple remains today

DJIA prepares for new feats in the background support bulls

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average will start trading in negative zone, but can grow to the middle of the trading session today.

U.S. Stock market opens after 3 days of leave. U.S. Independence Day suspends unsuccessful bid last week, but the yield of statistics took place yesterday. Dow Jones bulls react to positive data on futures trading, the level of support for the DJIA is an average against the sluggish trading in Europe and the mixed index dynamics in the Asian region.

Bearish trend may break after growth stocks Google and Alcoa, – say Open Knowledge analysts. The indices rose today in Japan, shares of European companies conducting the auction in the positive zone, with low trading volumes. Asian sites were closed primarily in the green zone. In America, on Monday was a national holiday, and solid news on the market increased. We can say that after quite a long market decline pushed out of local minima in the positive correction. In the near future, investors will wait for news of interest to determine the direction of the market.

From the news came only a few macroeconomic data for Australia, which gave the market some confidence. The central bank left key interest rate unchanged at 4.5%, as expected. In addition, the trade surplus in May totaled 1.645 billion Australian dollars, which exceeded the forecast by more than three-fold. Obviously, the Australian production is growing. The largest increase showed China’s indices: Shanghai Composite Index recorded an increase of 1.92% to 2,409.42 points. The Japanese index Nikkei 225 added 0.77% to 9,328.04 points, and the Australian index S & P / ASX 200 – 1.28% to 4,276.10 points. The regional index MSCI Asia Apex 50 recovered to 1.16% to 714.63 points.

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2010-07-06 11:49, Economics.

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