Stock market today: China prepared pleasant surprise for the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Stock market today: the DJIA tends to new record

In brief: Stock market today: Dow Jones Industrial Average starts to achieve a high level of support. Bullish trend is a guide for the Dow index.

Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a record level today. Dow index was 9,862.07 points. The level of growth Dow index has exceeded 118 points (1.22%). Support for the U.S. stock market have oil prices rising since the beginning of trading. Against this background, in the black traded securities of energy companies in the U.S.. In particular, the quotations of oil giant ExxonMobil have grown up on 0,57%, while its competitors – ConocoPhillips and Chevron – to 1,67% and 0,53% respectively.

Also at 1,4% in share price rose oilfield services company Schlumberger Limited. At the same time, multidirectional dynamics of quotations is found in the mining sector, which is associated with the fall in gold prices and the growth for industrial metals. Quotes of the gold Newmont Mining Corp. dropped to 0.67%, while the aluminum giant Alcoa Inc. mededobyvayuschey and Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. – Increased by 0,78% and 2,50% respectively. Also, shares went up one of the largest U.S. steel companies USSteel Corp. – 1,2%. Grow at the opening of the trading session and quotes online stores JCPenney Co. (1.55%) and one of the largest U.S. retailers, clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch (+3,06%) amid reports of companies reported strong growth in sales volumes. S & P rose 9.59 points (0.93%) to 1037, 65 points, Nasdaq – by 21.15 points (1.01%) to 2,115.03 points.

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2010-07-07 16:03, Economics.

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