The DJIA: the collapse is very dangerous for the stock markets today

Dow Jones Industrial loses balance and falls

In brief: DJIA becomes a victim of circumstances unexpectedly. The banking sector, innovative technology and consumer products pose a bad backdrop for the market today.

U.S. stock market failed to resist the powerful impact of the negative news from the banking sector today. New problems appeared in the innovation sector. Shares of Apple are losing in price. Dow Jones went into a significant disadvantage. The level of support from the bull falls. Dow Jones Industrial Average is at its lowest level for the current week – 10,136.72.

DJIA loses -222.59 points (-2.15%). At the same time, according to the Ministry of Finance of the U.S. net foreign investment in the long-term U.S. assets in May rose by 35.4 billion dollars at the expected 40.0 billion dollars. Total net foreign investment in U.S. financial assets in May increased by 17.5 billion dollars. Data for April reconsidered: the growth of foreign investment in U.S. long-term assets from 83.0 billion to 81.5 billion dollars, an increase in total foreign investment in U.S. financial assets from 15.0 billion to 13.0 billion dollars.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-16 18:16, Economics.

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  1. Big Red Says:

    I don’t think the Ukrainian Globalist has ever had anything positive to say about the Dow Jones. It never makes a prediction that is worth anything because it only states that which is obvious. For instance, the article from today was posted at the lowest point mark after the financial reports. How about coming out at the bell opener and state that the Dow Jones might struggle with the current negative financial news… or the Dow Jones might prove its strength by overcoming the negative financial news. A little optimism goes a long way. The problem is a little negative news goes even further.

  2. idiots in charge Says:

    learn the difference between a collapse a trading range. 2% after a two week run up is a correction. Trading and English are both difficult subjects and should be left to professionals .

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