Stock markets today: The DJIA will try to find a bullish trend carefully

Dow Jones Industrial Average will grow without the support of Statistics

In brief: Stock markets today: Dow Jones concluded last week with the loss of 1%. Friday was black for The DJIA because of the terrible macroeconomic statistics.

Stock markets today: the U.S. and Europe. The DJIA is attempting to fast growth against a background of lack of bad news. Asian markets lost positions, but Dow Jones Industrial Average will play into the rise thanks to the positive correction of the earlier statistics. Stock indices in the New World collapsed on 2,5-3,1% against the negative values of the index of consumer confidence and fixing positions as it moves unintelligible reports of U.S. financial companies.

In the banking sector to the same pressing fiscal reform instigated by Barack Obama. Stock indices of the Old World fell by 1,9%, also on a background of statistics and corporate reports. To report moved the market up, they should be better than expected (for this and forecasts have been revised downward just before), otherwise nothing worthwhile, except for the closing position, is not expected. Raw materials and currency. Metals at auction in London have fallen in price, the price of gold dropped below $ 1200, Baltic Dry Index has finally suspended its protracted decline, Brent crude is fighting for retention of $ 75, the U.S. dollar weakened against a basket of currencies. Statistics and reporting. An important macroeconomic statistics published today. In the corporate sector could provide quarterly progress reports Delta Air Lines, Electrolux, Halliburton, IBM, Royal Philips Electronics, Texas Instruments.

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2010-07-19 10:22, Economics.

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