Stock markets today: the DJIA is afraid of bad statistics as S&P 500 climbs higher

The US stock remain in the green zone

In brief: The US stocks opened current session in the green zone as the DJIA continues to increase from the beginning of the trading.

The stock markets are volatile today. The U.S. stocks remain in the green zone from the beginning of the current session, slowly recovering from the Friday rapid fall. The negative macroeconomic statistics and the bank reports that turned out to be worse than expected affected the DJIA greatly last Friday, leading to the drop of approximately 261 points for the first time this month.

The Dow Jones index increased 0.23%, the S&P 500 rose 0.16% and the Nasdaq grew 0.21% now. The positive news from the European stock markets seems to affect the investors’ attitude, leading to the increase of the DJIA and the other leading indexes. The reports about the earning of the Delta Air Lines and Halliburton turned out to be better than predicted and so also affected the trading at the US stocks.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-19 17:09, Economics.

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