The DJIA: great crash or hard climbing?

The DJIA began to increase

In brief: Despite the rapid fall from the very beginning of the trading the DJIA began to increase recently, rising 0.20%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the other leading US indexes demonstrated negative dynamics during the first half of the current trading session. The indexes were affected by the quarterly reports of some of the biggest US companies that didn’t meet the analytics’ expectation and the decrease of the number of construction of the new houses.

The index dropped to 0.549 million this July while the decrease to 0.580 million was expected. Despite that fact, the DJIA recently began to increase, rising 0.20%. The S&P grew 0.61% and the Nasdaq increased 0.21%. The IBM accounting appeared to be worse than predicted, dropping 4.2%. The Texas Instruments also didn’t meet the analytics’ expectation, lowering 3.9%. Harley-Davidson became the leader of the growth among the companies from the S&P 500 today, reporting about the growth of its profit to $139.3 million of 59 cents per share while the analytics forecasted the increase of 41 cent per share.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-20 18:10, Economics.

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