DJIA climbs as the records high are approaching

The DJIA increases as the session goes on

In brief: The situation at the US stocks seems to change now as the Dow Jones Industrial Average increases.

Though the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the other leading US indexes demonstrated negative dynamics during the first half of the current session at the US stocks, the situation seems to change now. The DJIA increased 0.30% by current time, followed by the S&P that rose 0.78% and the Nasdaq grew 0.57%.

The investors’ attention is focused on the financial reports of the biggest US companies that turned out to be really contradictory. The Goldman Sachs quotations increased 0.5% despite the results of the bank activity was worse than predicted. The net profit of the company dropped to $613 million or 78 cent per share and the earnings amounted $8.84 billion while the profit of approximately $1.99 per share and the earnings of $8.94 billion were expected. The representatives of high-tech sector became the worst from the S&P 500 index today. The IBM accounting appeared to be worse forecasts as the shares dropped 4.2%. The Texas Instruments shares also decreased 3.9%.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-20 19:57, Economics.

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  1. Uri Au Says:

    The market will go higher in the short term because people are way too bearish.

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