The stock market today has turned red as KOSPI and the Nikkei 225 are falling rapidly

The stock market today - KOSPI and the Nikkei 225 are losing foothold

In brief: The stock market today: Nikkei 225 and KOSPI go into the red zone against the background of ambiguous statements by Bernanke and overall negative market.

Nikkei 225 is 9,201.99 points, losing -76.84 (-0.83%). Thus, the Nikkei 225 falls to record low recently. Currently, South Korea’s main index KOSPI stock market fell by 0.19% (3.26 points), now it is 1 745.52 points.

It should be recalled, that trading in the U.S. on Wednesday, July culminated with the collapse of stock indices. Quarterly reports of American companies have been mixed. The pressure on the market also had a speech of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, who called the U.S. economic outlook uncertain.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-22 01:55, Economics.

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