The DJIA puts Europe down, the Lloyds Banking Group Plc grows only

European stock market falls to glow statements Bernanke and falling Dow index

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average falling makes European stock market, but Lloyds Banking Group Plc is in the green zone.

Dow Jones Industrial Average urged the European stock market to fall. The banking sector, nevertheless, kept afloat thanks to Lloyds Banking Group Plc. Lloyds Banking Group Plc approached the level of support 62.81, gaining +1.80 (2.95%). Stock trading in Europe opened lower against the major indexes’ news from the U.S..

On the mood of American investors on the eve influenced the speech of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA Ben Bernanke. During his speech at the meeting of Congress B. Bernanke said that the outlook for the U.S. economy is now “extremely uncertain”. In addition, the Fed chief also believes deficits several states in the country one of the reasons for the slow recovery of the economic system the U.S. after the financial crisis. For this reason, U.S. stock indexes up to the auction set a course for reduction of (Dow Jones dropped to 1.07%, the index S & P – on 1,28% and the index of Nasdaq – HA1, 58%) that did not inspire optimism European investors. However, players are treated objectively in the financial report presented today the Swedish automaker Volvo Group for the I half of 2010. The company reported on net profit in the amount of 4.94 billion kronor (521.8 million euros), whereas during the same period of 2009. She recorded a net loss of $ 9.78 billion Swedish kronor. Sales of Volvo Group in January-June this year reached 127.38 billion Swedish crowns (13.45 billion euros), that is 15,7% more than last year. The company’s shares are traded in the “green zone” and to date has risen in price by 0,3%. FTSE 100 fell by 4.57 points (-0.09%) – up to 5,210.07 points, the German DAX – at 0.28 points (-0.00%) – up to 5,990.10 points, the Swiss SMI – 4, 65 points (-0.08%) – up to 6,128.01 points, the French CAC 40 – by 3.86 points (-0.11%) – up to 3,490.06 points.

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2010-07-22 11:03, Economics.

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