Chubb loses as Woodside climbed above

Chubb failed to fix a good profit, Woodside showed growth

In brief: Australia: Woodside sales grew by 48%. U.S.: Quarterly profits Chubb fell by 6%.

Chubb, an insurance company in commercial real estate and homes, has published data on the incidence of profit in the second quarter by 6% in connection with a fourfold increase in costs associated with accidents.

It is reported that Chubb’s net profit in the second quarter decreased to $ 518 million, or $ 1.59 per share, compared with $ 551 million, or $ 1.54 per share for the same period a year earlier, when more shares were outstanding. Operating profit, excluding certain investment results of $ 1.41 per share, above forecasts of analysts who had expected $ 1.39 in the paper. The second largest Australian oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum announced that sales in the second quarter grew by 48% to $ 1.07 billion compared with $ 728 million a year earlier. Analysts expect revenues to reach $ 971 – 927 million.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-23 10:29, Economics.

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