Avoiding collapse: Lloyds Banking Group PLC continues to lose balance at the trading today

Lloyds Banking Group PLC is close to the boiling point

In brief: Lloyds Banking Group PLC does not inspire confidence in the bull and continued to decline today.

Lloyds Banking Group PLC is losing foothold after the next portion of the negative statistics today. Lloyds Banking Group PLC has managed to win more than 4% yesterday, but new problems for the bank emerged today. Lloyds Banking Group PLC is a mark of 62.86, the loss amounted to -0.72 (-1.13%) today.

At the same time, MSCI Asia Pacific Index increased by 1,4% up 117.14 points at 10:58 in Tokyo. Australian & P / ASX 200 rose by 1.62%. Straits Times Index in Singapore grew by 0,3%. NZX 50 on the New Zealand Stock Exchange gained 0.5%. The Tokyo Stock Exchange following a morning session of the Nikkei index gained 160.91 points (1.75%) and at 9 381.79 points, Topix index rose 11.95 points. The yen is currently trading at 86.95 – 87.00 for one U.S. dollar (0.41). At the moment the main index KOSPI Korean Stock Exchange rose by 0.75% (12.95 points), now he is 1 748.48 points.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-23 10:54, Economics.

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