Dow Jones Industrial Average falls, but McDonald’s shares give hope for new records

The DJIA managed to get into the green zone thanks to McDonald's

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average started trading the stock market fall, but McDonald's helps Dow index rising.

The DJIA futures trading was carried out in the green zone, but the opening of U.S. stock market surprises. McDonald’s Corporation rose on the wave of demand for soft drinks, although the Dow Jones Industrial Average went into minus. Dow Jones Industrial is a mark of 10,326.81 points, losing 0.09%. at the first minutes.

At the same time, the world’s largest fast-food chain McDonald’s has published data on 12% of Mr. growth of profit in the second quarter of this year thanks to increased sales of soft drinks. It is reported that net income rose to $ 1.23 billion, or $ 1.13 per share. At the same analysts expected a profit of $ 1.12 on the paper. Sales in the second quarter rose 5.3% to $ 5.95 billion, thanks to increased consumption of soft drinks.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-23 13:49, Economics.

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