UK: AstraZeneca may double the amount of redeemable shares

AstraZeneca is ready to withdraw its shares

In brief: AstraZeneca begins to return to sell the shares back. Analysts see the reliability of AstraZeneca.

The second largest in the UK pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca may double the cost of repurchasing shares this year after she won her case on the protection of a patent for anti-cholesterol drug Crestor.

It is reported that AstraZeneca had already planned a $ 1 billion of share repurchases in 2010, however, some analysts expect AstraZeneca, may announce an additional repurchase of shares amounting to $ 1 billion after the publication of data on earnings on July 29. However, some analysts believe that the additional repurchase of shares is not followed.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-23 16:23, Economics.

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