Chevron Corp, McDonald’s Corp and Merck & Co Inc give no chance for the Dow Jones Industrial today

The DJIA is volatile due to the Chevron Corp., McDonald's Corp and Merck & Co Inc

In brief: Chevron Corp and Merck & Co Inc sink lower and lower, Dow Jones Industrial was ready to grow, but the stress tests frighten investors.

Stress tests of European banks do not allow the U.S. stock market will feel safe, while Dow Jones Industrial remains in the green zone the last hour. Not all blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial grow today. The meltdown has overtaken McDonald’s Corp -2.803%. McDonald’s Corp shares fell to 69.399 USD. Merck & Co Inc loses -1,933%, shares have fallen in price to 34.500 USD.

At the same time, Honeywell, which produces electronic control systems and automation, continued series of positive results of the U.S. industrial sector: revenue in the second quarter rose 7.9% to $ 8.16 billion in listed companies advanced to 1.45%. The world’s largest software maker Microsoft today reported results for the fourth quarter of fiscal year: income rose to $ 4.52 billion, or 51 cents a share, compared with $ 3.04 billion, or 34 cents a share in the corresponding period in 2009, exceeding expectations analysts. In addition, the bank Goldman Sachs raised a fair assessment of Microsoft shares at $ 1 to $ 32. Nevertheless, quotas are traded with a decrease to 2.01%.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-23 17:38, Economics.

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