The DJIA is growing (Caterpillar Inc becomes a leader), but the end of the trading session is unpredictable

Dow Jones Industrial grows, despite the results of stress tests

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to build settlements. Publication of the stress tests for banks in Europe did not bring negativity to the market. Caterpillar Inc provides new chances bulls.

The Dow Jones Industrial grows about 1%. The DJIA index stood at 10,421.67. Leaders of growth are Caterpillar Inc, who receives 2.176% (69.480 USD) and Boeing Co. At the same time, online retailer fell to 5.57% on the accounts for the second quarter. Investors confused by several factors. First, the growth of operating expenses by 40% with revenue growth of 41%.

Secondly, lower prices for electronic reader Kindle negative impact on the company’s financial results, despite the fact that this measure will enable readers to increase sales tripled. In addition, Apple “comes on the heels of” Leadership Kindle with successful sales iPad. Projections of the company for growth in operating profit in the third quarter to $ 310 million to $ 210 million failed to smooth out the frustration reporting. The world’s largest fast-food chain McDonald’s has published data for the second quarter. Sales at restaurants open more than a year, rose by 4,8% due to dollar menus, as well as increased consumption of soft drinks. Net income showed a growth of 12.84% compared with 2 square. 2009 to $ 1.13 per share. It is worth noting that in recent years McDonald’s has progressively increased its market share, pushing competitors such as Yam! Brands – owner of the brand KFC. Nevertheless, the results fell short of expectations of analysts and shares are traded with a decrease to 3.35%.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-23 18:25, Economics.

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