The DJIA could grow to a record high at the end of trading today, due to the Old World

European News supported the Dow Jones Industrial

In brief: The Dow Jones Industrial Average will continue to rise even more rapidly than after the news from the Old World.

The Dow Jones Industrial began to tout the bulls to enhance trading U.S. stock market today. The DJIA continues to keep the bears at bay and growth index is accelerating. Dow Jones Industrial is located in the green zone, gaining 0.99% today. Thus, European news:

Analysts expected growth of this indicator in quarterly terms by 0,6% and 1,1% annual. GDP of Great Britain in I quarter has grown by 0,2% in quarterly terms, but in annual terms, GDP fell by 0,3%. The index of business sentiment in Germany, calculated by the research organization Ifo, in July jumped to 106.2 points. Analysts predicted that the value of this index was 101.6 points. The previous month the index was 101.8 points. Adidas shares have risen in price by 2,2%. German sportswear manufacturer announced an increase in net profit in II quarter 14 times with 9 million euros, or up to 126 million euros. Revenue Adidas reached during the reporting period mark in 2,9 billion euros, up 19% over the same period last year. Taking into account currency fluctuations, sales grew by 11%. A complete financial report of the company for the II quarter will be released on August 4.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-23 19:13, Economics.

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