American Express Co betrays the DJIA, but the threat of the sharp fall is behind today

Dow Jones Industrial grows in weak trading volumes

In brief: Demand has exceeded supply and the Dow Jones Industrial Average began to grow steadily in the background of general positive.

Dow Jones Industrial had left the red zone in the middle of trading today. The DJIA was pleased bulls stability and gained +89.46 points (0.87%). Dow Jones Industrial approached the mark of 10,411.76 points at the moment. So, the stock trades in the U.S. opened lateral motion of the leading indexes.

Market participants ambiguously perceived today published financial statements of U.S. companies, some of which exceeded analysts’ forecasts, and some were below expectations. However, in the absence of statistics has on the American economy, namely the results of companies have become the main “driving force” for the leading indicators. Thus, less the consensus forecast was a report of the largest U.S. operator of credit cards American Express. Net profit for the II quarter of this year amounted to 1.01 billion dollars, and revenue – to $ 6.86 billion Against this background, quotes American Express in the first hours of trading fell by 0,5%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-23 19:29, Economics.

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