Avoiding collapse, Dow Jones Industrial set a record at the end of trading

The DJIA is growing in confidence customers in the future

In brief: Publication of the stress tests for banks in Europe failed to keep the bulls from attacks. Dow Jones Industrial continued growth.

Dow Jones Industrial can gain 1,5% by the end of trading the U.S. stock market today – see Open Knowledge analysts. Dow index was 10,401.31 points, gaining +79.01 points (0.77%) for 22 minutes before the end of trading today. The Open Knowledge analysts express confidence that the Dow Jones Industrial rise to 10,450 points.

So, expectations were lower quarterly results the company Amazon.com Inc. (-8.25%), Which owns the world’s largest online store Amazon.com. In particular, the net profit in II quarter of 2010. recorded in the amount of 207 million dollars, and revenue – to $ 6.57 billion in addition, the world’s largest software maker Microsoft Corp. (-1.24%) Reported the results of the 2009-2010 fiscal year ending June 30 Despite the increase in net profit to 28,8% – to 18.76 billion dollars compared to 14.57 billion dollars in the previous year, experts expect from a successful outcome, against which quotes Microsoft fell 1%. Reported back today and fast-food chain McDonald’s Corp. Net profit in the first half of 2010. reached 2.31 billion dollars, while revenues rose to 11.55 billion dollars, however, these indicators could not beat market expectations, which led to a drop in quotations of the company in the first hours of trading at 1.76%. A successful session for the sum of the second-largest auto concern in the U.S. Ford Motor Co. (3.72%), the net profit which, according to published today, the materials company, in the I half of this year amounted to 4.68 billion dollars, more than 5.6 times the figure a year ago.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-23 19:44, Economics.

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