RBS currency exchange rates today: euro rate will fall, pound rises as dollar is stable

Royal Bank of Scotland exchange rate: the time has come to sell the euro

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: Royal Bank of Scotland predicts the growth of the exchange rate pounds, falling euro and dollar confident behavior.

The exchange will open with the euro reducing against the pound on Monday. Dollar exchange rate will be stable. The exchange rate euro against dollar and pound will fall – reported Royal Bank of Scotland currency analysts. Single European currency continues to consolidate in a very small volume of trades, and while it stabilized above $ 1.2880 looks constructive for couples and bulls do not lose hope for a retest of levels near $ 1.3025, currency strategist at Royal Bank of Scotland do not share their optimism.

The bank believes that attempts to rise above the pair is used for sales, given the prospects of increasing pressure on the euro / dollar in anticipation of the publication of stress tests of European financial institutions. According to strategists in RBS, the fall looks the most likely scenario as in the negative nature of the tests, and with positive results (due to implementation of the strategy “buy on rumor, sell on fact”), and in the short term, they expect to see a drop to $ 1.26. In addition, the Bank of negative assessments and longer-term prospects of the single currency and the expected decline to $ 1.18 by the end of the third quarter, while year-end, the euro / dollar, according to strategists in RBS, will reach $ 1.12.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-25 11:46, Currency news.

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