The stock markets today: someone up, and someone down – the DJIA and the FTSE 100 index are “Hot”

The stock markets today: the DJIA is growing faster than the FTSE 100 index

In brief: The stock markets today: the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the FTSE 100 index catch a positive trend.

The stock market is growing rapidly today. The dynamics of stock indices leaves questions today. Dow Jones Industrial Average went up to 10,478.21 points. Dow index gained +53.59 (0.51%) in the middle of the trading session. FTSE 100 index rose to 5,332.38 points, having collected 19.76 points (0.37%). Asian indexes also rose by 0,5-1,5%. At foreign sites in the Asian and European trading sessions serious price change does not happen.

Asian trading session today ended with a moderate growth within 0,5-0,8%. In addition to the positive closing the U.S. late last week positively influenced the market today and Regional News – South Korea’s GDP growth in the 2 nd quarter was above expectations, Japan has published a fairly good data on exports in recent months. Trading in Europe pass with little price volatility of the basic indexes within 0,3-0,8%. In the afternoon, most European indices have gradually started to show only the negative trend. The results of stress tests have not yet been received by participants of the stock sites as a signal to move in one direction or another – the amount of pre-capitalization based on testing 91 European bank is, according to official figures, only 3.5 billion euros, a fraction of forecasts number of major investment houses that have conducted their own independent calculations. Thus, a particular cluster of investors do not perceive the current results as reliable. At the same time the results, even “questionable” stress-tests, according to several participants not presented with negative surprises, so the negative impact on the market yet, we also do not observe.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-26 16:54, Economics.

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