Dow Jones Industrial: how much does it cost today?

Dow Jones Industrial started to rally steadily

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial remains the most popular stock index in the U.S., why is it so?

Dow Jones Industrial Average was more reliable Nasdaq Composite, if you look at a year ago. There are weeks when The DJIA adds vehemently paragraph by paragraph. Bulls like Dow index because of the spike and sufficiently powerful blue chips.

Dow index continues to rise higher today, gaining +47.76 points (0.46%) today. Dow Jones Industrial Average was 10,472.38 points at the moment. Many investors believe that bad times are over for the Dow Jones… Meanwhile,the International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) remains one of the few, which falls today. Market participants without optimistic about the investigation, launched today by the European Commission against the company in case of violations of European competition law. Against this background, quotes of IBM in the early hours of trading fell by 0,4%. So, the closely watched Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA) rose from 6,547 in March 2009 to 10,550 in March 2010 — an astounding 61 percent rise. The previous high was 14,165 in October2007, meaning the March ’09 low reading was 54 percent below the ’07 peak. A gain of 61 percent following a loss of 54 percent punctuates the volatility and risk of the market. Nevertheless, the loud voices of Wall Street are shouting bull market, prices have recovered and this is where your retirement money belongs.

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2010-07-26 18:47, Economics.

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