Nikkei 225 will strive to the top as the Hang Seng Index will seek the new heights

Nikkei 225 will try to catch up with the Hang Seng Index

In brief: Nikkei 225 has all chances to grow by 2% today as the Hang Seng index will stay in the green zone at the level of + 1%.

Nikkei 225 will grow quickly and confidently. At the same time, Hang Seng index has a chance to climb to 0.5 – 1% in early trading today. Nikkei 225 and Hang Seng will be the backbone for the European stock market for further growth. Asian stock market will show steady growth of quotations on the background of the outcome of trading in the U.S., and positive quarterly macroeconomic data.

Thus, trades in the United States on Monday ended in the growth of stock indices. Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.97% to 10525 points. S & P 500 closed at 1,12% growth, at around 1,115.01 points. Nasdaq Composite closed higher by 1.19% at around 2,269.47 points. Bidding for the second largest in Asia, Tokyo Stock Exchange rose Monday after the publication of the results of stress tests of European banks, as well as positive quarterly reports. As a result of trading the main index Nikkei 225, reflecting the quotation 225 largest companies in the country, rose by 72.7 points (0.77%) and was 9 503.66 points. The index of wide spectrum Topix gained 4.59 points, and reached a 845.88 item. At the time of closing Hang Seng index in Hong Kong Stock Exchange amounted to 20,487 points, an increase of 25 points or 0.12% compared with the previous trading session. Index of shares in public enterprises inland areas of China, listed on the Stock Exchange, was at the close of trading 11875 points, fell by 41 point or 0.34% compared with the figure the previous trading day.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-26 23:52, Economics.

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