Oil prices have attempted to grow today

Oil prices: the current rising can be replaced by falling

In brief: Oil prices are currently increasing in spite of the decrease in quotations at the opening of tenders. Tomorrow will report to the DOE with information on stocks of crude oil and petroleum products in the country, setting the tone for the market.

Oil prices are trying to break up after a failed attempt to climb yesterday. Since the beginning of the current day prices for petroleum futures Brent and Light Sweet have risen by about 0,5%. Factors to the rise in oil prices has a long list, but the players of the oil market appears nowhere in no hurry to pending publication of the official report of the U.S. Department of Energy, which will be released tomorrow.

At the moment the current market situation is as follows: the price of oil futures transactions with Light, Sweet Crude Oil (September) amounted to 79.37 dollars per barrel. (0.39) with a range of quotations 78,73-79,42. At the same time, prices for oil futures IPE Brent Crude (September) amounted to 77.88 dollars per barrel. (0.38) with a range of quotations 77,19-77,89. Positive changes in the market established after a failed during yesterday’s auction to get up – prices started rising, the day ended in the fall. In situations like the present to a large extent influenced desheveyuschy against growth of the euro dollar, and investors’ expectations about the weekly decline in U.S. commercial inventories of crude oil. However, to dispel the clouds of doubt will report to the DOE official information, which will be published tomorrow. It should be noted that the current week can be considered quite weak – the price of oil on the stock exchanges have remained unchanged, underscoring the growth in the previous week, which averaged 3.4%.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-27 19:04, Economics.

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