FTSE 100 index is falling down, but the DJIA will try not to repeat the evil European destiny today

Dow Jones Industrial Average is looking for a foothold as FTSE 100 falls

In brief: The Dow Jones Industrial Average: Bulls lose confidence because of bad European trading. FTSE 100 index lost about 0.5%.

Dow Jones Industrial Average should grow today – say the Open Knowledge experts. At the same time, the European session is haunted by the bulls and the DJIA futures are beginning to fall on the background of a negative. The first half of today’s session of the leading European markets was strong growth in the indices.

However, after dinner, the players began to actively record profits, and market indicators such as confidence went down. FTSE 100 index dropped by 0.46%, German DAX 30 index fell by 0.52%, French CAC 40 was trading at yesterday’s levels. The most significant momentum among major European companies demonstrate the shares of banks, rating which was upgraded by analysts Deutsche Bank to “neutral”, as well as shares of automakers, by contrast, falling stronger market. In addition, the Asian trading ended in a sharp rise in the indices.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-28 13:16, Economics.

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