The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) shares become cheaper as the DJIA goes into the red

Dow index falls down as The Boeing Company loses points

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average falling on the background of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) bad reports. Analysts believe in the restoration of the market in mid-trading.

Dow Jones Industrial Average losing point by point, after bad news from the corporate sector. Industrialists brought bulls and the DJIA lost the high level of support. Statistics, released an hour before the session turned out to be worse than forecast, which adversely affects the mood of the players. The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) lost -0.96 (-1.40%). The Boeing Co. stops at around 67.66 points.

Boeing shares of which are included in Dow index, said a decrease in profits compared to the same period last year. Thus, the net profit declined from $ 998 million, or $ 1.41 per share a year earlier to $ 787 million, or $ 1.06 per paper with what analysts had expected $ 1.01 per share. Revenue fell 9% to $ 15.6 billion In addition, European markets fall, as corporate reporting of U.S. companies in part was not so positive, as might be expected markets. An hour before the auction became known that orders for durable goods in June fell 1%. This is much worse than forecasts, according to which the index was, on the contrary, to grow by 1%.

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2010-07-28 13:58, Economics.

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