The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) falls faster as the DJIA lost point by point

Dow Jones Industrial Average is falling in the early trading

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average goes into the red zone depth. The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) and the U.S. banks are losing value at the beginning.

Dow Jones Industrial Average goes into the red zone against the background of the fall of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) shares. DJIA shows no signs of life and trading volumes are reduced. Poor records and reports do not provide Dow Jones Industrial rise above. Conference Board released a report stating that the index of consumer confidence in the country in July 2010. decreased compared to the previous month at 3.9 points and totaled 50.4 points, which did not meet analysts’ forecasts.

Under the influence of these news downward momentum can show the quotations of securities issued by companies of the banking sector, the most responsive to macroeconomic data. Thus, the waiting of the trading session may go down in value stocks Bank of America, Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley. Active trading today, as can be observed on the shares of one of the world’s largest gold mining companies Newmont Mining Corp. Today it reported an increase in net profit in I half of 2010. in 2,6 times – up to 928 million dollars, as well as the growth of this indicator in the II quarter of 2010. 2,3 times – up to 382 million dollars Dow index lost -31.03 (-0.29%) and amounts to 10,506.66 points.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-28 14:20, Economics.

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