Commerzbank analysts blame the Fed for the weak dollar exchange rate

Commerzbank: Fed weighs dollar

In brief: Dollar exchange rate decreases the fault of the Fed, - Commerzbank analysts said.

The dollar exchange rate continues to decline. Commerzbank currency strategists believe that the period of positive data on the Eurozone and disappointing data on the U.S. came to an end, resulting in a reversal in a pair euro / dollar.

Nevertheless, note in the bank, the pricing of the Fed, as well as a possible recession with a double bottom may prevent this sequence of events. Despite the euphoria surrounding the rising dynamics of extinction of the euro / dollar, Commerzbank currency analysts do not recommend a dollar bulls in the correction of positions in the short term, forget about the peaceful tone of the Fed. Current euro / dollar 1.2993.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-01 19:00, Currency news.

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