Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) could rise rapidly after presentation of the new business plan

Ford Motor Company remains in the red zone, but recovered gradually

In brief: Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) shares are beginning to recover from the statements of the company representatives. Ford Motor has decided to save.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) shares stop losing in price at the moment. Ford Motor wins back the losses of bears after the good news. Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) closer to the mark of 12.97, losing -0.19 points (-1.48%) in total today.

The crisis does terrible things to autocompanies, correct it their fate and forced into uncharacteristic things. For example, Ford Motor, whose fame in recent years created mainly SUVs and pickups, now learns to be modest and economical. The company wants to be a leader in the sector of economical cars. As part of One Plan Ford has already begun selling small car Fiesta in the summer and early next year will launch a new Focus. Under the program, each region is responsible for the development of certain models. For example, designers and engineers in Dearborn will continue working on pickups and crossovers, which would later be adapted to different markets. European same unit will focus on developing small cars.

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2010-08-03 18:14, Economics.

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