Swire Pacific records profit

Swire Pacific shares rise in price

In brief: Swire Pacific profit increased due to higher rental income.

Swire Pacific, the Hong Kong office lessor and owner of the largest in airline Cathay Pacific Airways, reported that profit in the first half has more than doubled due to higher rental income and profits Cathay Pacific Airways.

It is reported that profit excluding revaluations amounted to HK $ 8,91 billion ($ 1.15 billion) or HK $ 5,92 per share, compared with HK $ 3,8 billion, or HK $ 2,52 per share a year earlier. However analysts predicted a profit of HK $ 4,89 billion in shares of Swire Pacific continued to gain in value the last three weeks in a row.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-08-06 11:36, Economics.

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