Inmarsat Plc (LON: ISAT) profited due to Boeing

Inmarsat Plc (LON: ISAT) catches a bullish trend

In brief: Inmarsat Plc (LON: ISAT) profit rose 56% in the first half because of the $ 1.2 billion Boeing order fulfillment.

Inmarsat Plc (LON: ISAT) shares continue to rise in price due to the company’s high profits. Inmarsat Plc is 741.50 points, gaining +28.50 (4.00%) in the middle of stock market trading.

The world’s largest supplier of satellite services Inmarsat published data on the growth of profit by 56% in the first half of 2010 due to $ 1.2-billion order from Boeing execution. It is reported that pretax profit rose to $ 151.8 million compared with $ 97 million a year earlier. Revenues increased by 12% to $ 570.7 million In this interim dividends Inmarsat could reach 14 cents, or 10% above the previous value.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-06 16:12, Economics.

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