BP plc (NYSE: BP) and the U.S. government concluded negotiations, but BP shares collapsed

BP plc paid $ 20 billon

In brief: BP plc (NYSE: BP) establishes a fund for victims of oil spills. U.S. government has made and is waiting for his money. BP plc (NYSE: BP) shares go down.

BP plc (Public, NYSE: BP) drops to 40.95 points, losing -0.38 (-0.92%) today. U.S. Department of Justice and the British energy company BP completed the process of negotiations to establish a fund volume of 20 billion dollars, the funds from which will go to damages in connection with the accident on the rig Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

This information is contained in published today, a press release of the American Ministry of Justice. In Office, called the completion of negotiations on this issue an important step forward, which confirms the intention of the BP actually deliver on their promises in connection with the accident. Meanwhile it became known today that the British BP Plc. costs already incurred in connection with the accident deepwater oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, reached 6.1 billion dollars BP said that from July 15, the flow of oil from damaged wells MC252 stopped: in the Gulf of Mexico oil no longer is poured. 5 August 2010. has successfully completed an operation to cement the top of the hole that allowed the sealing of the top. To complete the conservation project of the oil BP remained doburit couple of auxiliary holes, through which will also be uploaded cement to seal “neighborhoods” emergency wells. Final procedures for ongoing evaluation BP, will begin August 15 – this time the first cross easer to the desired depth of the damaged.

The oil disaster off the coast of the United States began on April 20 2010. with a methane explosion on the platform Deepwater Horizon, is operated by BP. As a result, emergency workers died on 11 platforms. Two days later the platform sank, and from damaged wells at a depth of 1.5 km of oil began to flow. During the time of the accident in the Gulf of Mexico water spilled, according to recent estimates, from 4,1 to 4,9 million barrels. oil, which definitely makes this the biggest leak in history. However, according to U.S. government experts, about 74% vylivsheysya oil removed from the ecosystem by collecting it from the water surface and on the coast, as well as due to natural factors. Since mid-July 2010. the flow of oil from the damaged deepwater wells BP was almost stopped due to a temporary “stub”. It is expected that the well will be permanently mothballed the end of August 2010. BP net loss amounted to more than $ 17 billion for the II quarter of 2010. due to the fact that the company has reserved for future expenses in connection with the oil disaster off the coast of the United States about $ 30 billion, including $ 20 billion, deferred at the request of U.S. authorities to a special account for future compensation payments.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-08-09 19:50, Economics.

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