Barclays PLC (LON: BARC) to fall due to the wholesale cuts

Barclays can cut 300 jobs

In brief: Barclays PLC (LON: BARC) shares continue to fall in price very quickly. Barclays said the new reductions.

UK banking sector continues to decline because of new problems. Barclays PLC (LON: BARC) was 313.60 points, losing -20.05 (-6.01%) in the second half of the trading.

According to information from knowledgeable sources, the third largest in the UK bank Barclays may cut 300 jobs in investment banking division, while dismissal will affect the administrative staff and technical support. It is possible that the bank would dismiss an additional 200 contract workers.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-08-11 16:15, Economics.

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