France: from one crisis to another

Bastille inside

In brief: Economy of France located in the most familiar of all state, when the crisis is living within the nation ...

France is in disarray. According to opinion polls, the popularity of French President – Nicolas Sarkozy, for many decades, didn’t not fell so low. Recently resigned two ministers and parliamentary passions abound with light hand media – series of scandals added to the charges a suspect in the corruption minister of abuse of office in obtaining funds for Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.

Some ministers are not too worried about how the public will perceive their actions. which is certainly poison the political atmosphere in the country. The atmosphere in parliament – as in the Serpentarium, is this may be enough to declare a vote of no confidence in government. But according to Charles de Gaulle’s constitution, Nicolas Sarkozy, will remain in office until the end of his presidential term in 2012. It is uncertain electoral prospects of the main opposition Socialist Party also on hand Sarkozy. The magnitude of the political crisis in France seem disproportionate to the actual situation in the country. Undoubtedly, the global financial crisis and economic downturn have caused a severe blow to France. However, the consequences for the country were less dramatic than for many other European countries. Two of the three Baltic countries and Greece are experiencing serious financial difficulties. Similarly, the case in Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Iceland. Over Ireland, Belgium, Italy and Britain are still under threat because of the huge public debt or deficits in current accounts. However, the Netherlands and Austria – and, to a lesser extent, France and Germany – to cope a little better. In Germany the case is somewhat better than in France. Country’s trade balance has a surplus, and total public debt is not as high as in other countries. Despite high unemployment and low economic growth, short-term threat to macroeconomic stability in Germany is not, although the country’s population shrinking and aging, which means that in the next decade the country to address the serious problems. Short Term in France is of great concern. The budget deficit exceeds 6% of GDP, trade surplus was spent on negative territory, and public debt at the same time, though less than in all other European countries except Germany and the Netherlands, but is 80% of GDP. France urgently needed structural reforms and, accordingly, a strong government.

Of course, unethical conduct of officials – the current crisis – is simply unacceptable. But if growth rates were higher and the unemployment rate declined, such scandals are not perceived to so dramatically. Two factors exacerbate the situation Sarkozy. First, society is increasingly understood the need for urgent relief and effective reforms in pension and health care, as well as in public organizations. Secondly, in recent decades, the French score their wellbeing and their position regarding the future of his and his country was at 10% -20% more pessimistic than in other countries. The popularity of the market economy in France, following not only in comparison with all the European countries or the United States, but even compared with Russia or China!

The future looks promising? All developing countries respond “yes”. The same answer gives most U.S. citizens and Europe. But in France the majority of people on this question is answered in the negative. Such profound pessimism prevents any public discussion or reform, and significantly increases the importance of the current political crisis. Since the first center of public opinion in the U.S., Britain and France in the 30′s. they are constantly offered to respondents to assess their well-being and to the future. First, the French response was not different from the representatives of other countries. But in June 1940, the sky opened up over their heads. In this highly centralized and proud country, where the value for the citizens of the state higher than anywhere else, and the list of military victories over significant, both estimates rapidly collapsed in just two weeks. It proclaimed the government to capitulate to Hitler, to offer the country a limited, vassal future. The French could not lick the wound. Despite the miraculous rebirth after the war, the country has not recovered from a moral defeat the elite and was unable to return the stability of the political system. Terrific pessimism has a chronic form, so come to an agreement has become impossible – a stalemate was further aggravated by lack of development of civil society in France.

Obviously, the French are big surprises. To correctly to reduce budget costs, so as not to endanger economic growth and employment, requires two things: a stable and sensible government and time. UK and Germany with its excessive restrictions set the stage for the domestic economic slowdown. Will France to address this issue with greater caution and avoid risks? Quarrelsome, constantly zhaluyuscheesya, stubborn people of France has demonstrated many times that can awaken and rise to the challenge. In the end, the philosophy of the Enlightenment was born in France. The French Revolution, the era of Napoleon, the Battle of the Marne, victory in which in 1914 was won by the spontaneous initiative of a government and the state could not achieve success, as well as a great revival of 1945-1950. In addition, France has the highest birth rate among all European countries, it is also the only European country which is replenished every generation. Thirty years ago, in the list of 100 most successful companies in the world there was not a French company, and today those over 15. The French education and health care system, despite all the difficulties, are still considered among the best in the world. Intellectuals and scientists are very creative and are the best in many areas. So, while not worth burying France. In the following years the French to be a serious test, but France is probably the only European country which is fully operational for 30 years.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-15 15:47, Society.

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